Black River Valley 4 Wheelers - Brantingham NY

Welcome to the Black River Valley 4 Wheelers Club
The Adrondacks region of New York state offers an extensive ATV trail system. This rural and wilderness is a great place to ride and enjoy nature's splendor.

Notice, please read and notify friends !! As of now all club members who join on line or walk into the Chamber will only be given the option of joining the Tughill Adirondack ATV Assoc., not of joining a individual club such as the Black River Valley 4-Wheelers. All membership monies will stay with the county assoc. and none will find there way to the individual clubs. The club is asking all members to download a membership form on line and mail, contact myself or Francis Roy for a membership. This is the only monies the clubs receive for insurance, etc.

Burdicks Crossing Road is OPEN with the required Lewis County Trail Permit to cross. This connects Tughill to Brantingham. See Trail Permits info below.

Club Memberships
The 2012 riding season is coming soon, please join our club and support safety, education and the recreation of ATV riding.

Learn About Our ATV Trail System:
Overview from the Lewis County Guide
Videos about the ATV trail system

ATV Trail Permits
ATV Club Locations Map
ATV vs UTV Regarding Trails (Important details for UTV owners)

Black River Valley 4 Wheelers - Brantingham NY -